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GBW brings together an excellent team of skilled and experienced professionals who can complement the offerings as previously provided by those individual firms while increasing the combined breadth and depth of knowledge.

The combination of Specialties in Audit, Taxation services for SME’s and Owner/Manager Businesses together with Corporate Insolvency and Restructuring complemented with Management Accounting, Financial Control Services gives GBW a unique depth of experience.

The firm’s ethos is to ensure that a choice exists for those smaller businesses that require a more hands-on approach than that offered by the larger firms

Partner Profiles


David Gillett
David Gillett

David has worked in practise since 1987, working in Small, Medium and Large sized firms.

He is a Fellow of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, and an elected member of the ACCA’s Practitioners’ Panel.

As well as his Primary Accounting degree, he holds Diplomas in Forensic Accounting and Corporate Finance, as awarded by Chartered Accountants Ireland.

David is the Audit Engagement Partner in Dublin.

David works closely with many Small to Medium sized businesses, and has extensive experience in assisting them with dynamic business challenges such as strategic growth, restructuring and financing.

David is currently Managing Partner of GBW and can be contacted at

Tony Wallace
Tony Wallace

Tony is an experienced Financial Controller having specific experience in the areas of Management Accounting, Budget & Business Planning, Cost Control, & Cash Flow Projections.

Tony specialises in providing Financial Control solutions to SME’s.

He is uniquely positioned to provide this service to clients having worked in a variety of roles over the past 20 years ranging from Large Financial Institutions to SME’s in Financial Services, ICT, Property Management and Manufacturing sectors.

Tony can be contacted at

James Butler
James Butler

Jim is an experienced practitioner and business advisor to SME’s.

Jim has extensive experience in Insolvency & Corporate Restructuring, and has acted as liquidator in both creditor and member voluntary liquidations.

In this role he deals with Banks and financial institutions in all areas concerning distressed property and non-performing loans. He has also been involved in debt management and re financing for both Companies and individuals.

He is also an experienced practitioner in Taxation and business advice for businesses in the area of the licensed trade, professional services and medical practitioners.

Jim can be contacted at

Alan Lotty
Alan Lotty

Alan has over 25 years experience working in business advisory services with sole traders and SME’s.

Alan has considerable expertise in Auditing, Taxation and finding solutions for individuals, partnerships and companies in financial difficulties. Alan is also experienced in corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

Alan has advised property investment companies and has instigated restructuring with financial institutions.

Alan is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland & holds a B Comm.

Alan can be contacted at

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