Customer databases may soon become more trouble than they are worth

In June 2015, UK pub chain JD Wetherspoons was hit by a cyber attack. More than 650,000 emails and some staff details were stolen. When the breach was discovered, the company’s founder and chairman sounded an interesting note on security.

Farmers the big winners from Japan trade deal

Irish farmers stand to be among the main winners from an agreement between the EU and Japan to conclude a deal to scrap tariffs on much of their bilateral trade.

EU and Japan trumpet trade deal as rebuke to a closed America

When European Union and Japanese leaders endorsed a preliminary free-trade agreement yesterday it was in significant measure a counter to Donald Trump’s protectionist stance.

Kildare tech firm invests €300k in cyber security solution

Kildare-based technology firm has invested €300k in what it describes as a “cutting edge” cyber security product.

EU audit set to find Ireland in breach of broadband targets

A NEW EU audit is set to find that Ireland is in breach of European broadband targets.

Clamp down on ‘letterbox’ entities by the EU could help boost Irish funds sector

Investment firms may have to move thousands of jobs to the European Union after regulators said “letterbox entities” nominally based in the EU but in reality run from abroad will no longer be tolerated, lawyers and advisers say.

Number of people signing on drops to lowest level in 9 years – but concerns raised over youth unemployment

The number of people signing on the live register has dropped to the lowest recorded since October 2008 – but concerns have been raised over the number of young people that are signed on long term.

Motorists to be hit with cost of boosting insurance fund

MOTORISTS will end up being hit after the Government approved changes to the law on insurance to boost the size of a compensation fund.

Retail Excellence Ireland calls for 3pc VAT reduction to protect retailers from Brexit impact

Retail Excellence has called for a VAT reduction of 3pc in next year’s budget to protect Ireland’s retailers from Brexit excesses.

Living Wage increase of 20c to €11.70 driven by rising housing costs

he Living Wage in Ireland has been increased to €11.70, a 20c increase for 2017.

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