New European rules will sting unprepared small firms the hardest

You’d know the General Data Protection Regulation is less than a year off. With Europe’s big regulatory stick getting closer and closer, big companies are really starting to get into gear.

Impact of digitalisation to be studied

A MAJOR study on the impact of the digitalisation of the manufacturing industry is being commissioned by the Government to examine the opportunities and challenges that it presents the sector.

Banks warned over cashback mortgage deals

The State’s consumer protection body has fired a warning shot across the bows of banks that use cashback deals and loyalty discounts to compete for mortgage customers.

Property loans now third of new debt for SMEs

Property-related loans accounted for 30pc of total new lending to non-financial sector SMEs last year, the Central Bank has said.

Rate of rent rises is ‘moderating’ as pressure zone rules take effect

Rental costs have continued to increase but there are signs that the rises may be moderating. Private sector rents were up 7.37pc in the year for the first three months of the year.

House prices here are not overvalued, insists the Central Bank

House prices are not overvalued here even if they are rising strongly, the Central Bank has said. Prices have risen by about 50pc since they bottomed out in 2013, but are still 31pc below their peak.

EU weighs laws to force euro clearing trade out of City

The European Union plans to give itself powers to move euro clearing business away from London’s financial sector to the EU after Brexit and to adopt a model closer to that operated by the United States.

Analysis: Tearing up plumbing to spite the financial plumber is daft

Until recently Euro clearing was an obscure corner of the financial markets that mattered mostly to the people who worked in it and their clients.

Holidaymakers ‘taking risks over travel cover’

Holidaymakers are taking huge risks by not buying adequate travel insurance, a financial expert has warned.

Irish Business Monitor June 2017

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