Average Dublin house is now four times dearer than one in Longford

Houses in Longford are selling for less than a quarter of the cost of Dublin properties, a new survey shows.

Job vacancies in London’s financial sector fall as Brexit effect kicks in

Job vacancies in London’s powerhouse financial sector fell sharply last month as the Brexit vote applied the brakes to the pace of hiring, a report found.

Volkswagen growth slumps in Ireland after emissions scandal

Irish car sales in July revealed mixed results for German car manufacturers.

Ireland has the gloomiest view of Brexit

Financial and economic experts in Ireland are the most pessimistic of any country about the impact of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, according to an influential German think-tank.

Mortgage market bounces back as home loan drawdowns up 25pc

The mortgage market is bouncing back with a jump in the number of home loans drawn down.

The world’s largest meat company has just moved its HQ to Ireland

The world’s largest meat company JBS is to move some €30bn worth of assets to Dublin as the firm implements a major overhaul of its corporate structure.

Braemar a sturdy defence against the Brexit threat

Amid the entire clamour about Brexit and the consequent topsy turvy behaviour of the stock and foreign exchange markets, a few of the old rules still apply.

Hep C drug maker ‘got Irish tax deal’

The US maker of a controversial $1,000-a-day hepatitis treatment may be benefiting from an Irish tax deal, a US lobby group has claimed.

Customers told: Don’t let contactless cards out of your sight in bars, restaurants

Consumers have been warned not to let their contactless bank cards out of their sight in bars and restaurants over fears that they could be scammed.

Workers hit with an extra €5bn a year in income tax since crash

Ordinary workers are bearing a massive burden of higher income taxes to bail out the State since the crash.

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