Britain’s €60bn exit bill could disrupt EU talks

Arguments about the potential €60bn bill that the UK may owe the EU as it prepares to quit the Union could eat into the time left for the UK to strike a new trade deal, a leading economist has warned.UK […]

Banks are losing millions of euro as home owners go bankrupt

Banks are losing millions of euro as more people are choosing to go bankrupt, it has emerged.

Dalata reports revenue of €290.6m as pre-tax profits surge 55pc to €44.1m

Dalata has reported pre-tax profits of €44.1m for the year ended 31 December 2016 – up 55pc for the same period the previous year.

Bank of Ireland lending to businesses in North up by a third to £1bn

BANK of Ireland lent more than £1bn to businesses in the North last year – up by a third. The bank said the growth took place across small, medium and large businesses.

New research shows the cost of financial fraud to consumers

Online financial services and lending companies are increasingly being targeted by fraudsters and costing consumers millions of pounds around the world last year alone, according to research.

Global will mull IPO on €100m valuation

Cork-based financial services firm Global Shares aims to be in a position in 2020 where it could stage an initial public offering (IPO) on either the London Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq. The firm is expected to be valued at […]

Brexit and Trump weigh on consumers

Consumers are less confident about the economy this month than they were in January, as Brexit and US President Donald Trump’s protectionist rhetoric played on their minds.

Eir bids to refinance €1.6bn of loans

Eir has launched a process to cut the cost of its debts, by asking lenders to accept lower interest payments.

Bank of Ireland says no dividend payment for shareholders until 2018

Bank of Ireland(BOI) has announced that it will not pay shareholders a dividend until 2018.

Ulster Bank profits hit by costs arising from tracker scandal

Ulster Bank’s operating profit in Ireland fell by €338m last year as a result of costs paid to thousands of its customers affected by the tracker mortgage scandal.

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