New €750,000 Enterprise Ireland start-up fund opens for submissions this month

Enterprise Ireland has announced a new €750,000 fund created to support start-up activity across all sectors.

DB pension deficit soars 50pc to €4.5bn

The combined deficit of defined-benefit pension schemes in companies listed on Ireland’s stockmarket soared to €4.5bn last year – a 50pc increase on the shortfall in 2015.

Revenue encourages employees to avail of online tax return facilities

The revenue commissioners have encouraged taxpayers to use online services when filing tax returns over the coming weeks and months.

Slash up to €3,000 off your health plan bill

The 400,000 people renewing their private health insurance this month could be paying as much as €3,000 a year more for their private health insurance than they need to, Sunday Independent analysis has found. Most at risk of overpaying are […]

Slash banking fees by moving your current account to another bank

In the first half of 2016, just 3,600 of us, or 0.06pc, switched our current account to another bank.

‘My landlord is increasing our rent despite rent freeze – do we have to pay up?’

Question: My landlord has just sent myself and my flatmate a letter informing us that the rent is being increased from March.

‘I didn’t get property tax reminder and it’s now past deadline – what do I do?’

Question: I didn’t get a reminder last year about the property tax and my neighbour has just told me that it’s past the deadline, which he was notified about.

Prices remain flat as cost of alcohol and clothing drops after Brexit vote – CSO

Prices were flat last month when compared with a year earlier.

Fianna Fáil moves to tighten law on company pensions

Fianna Fáil is to move swiftly in efforts to close a loophole in pensions law which allows solvent companies to leave pensioners in the lurch.

Looking for a cool and transparent way of giving to charity?

A young man working in Dublin’s tech hub has created an innovative, transparent way of giving to charity – that also aims gives something back to the donor.

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