Almost half of Irish firms turning to automation to streamline business

Almost half of Irish businesses have either automated some of their business functions or intend to do so over the next year, according to new research. The Grant Thornton International Business Report also found that the rate of automation in […]

AIB creates €5m fund for tech start-ups

A €5m equity fund has been established by AIB to to assist start-up companies in the sustainable technologies sector. CEO Bernard Byrne said AIB is committed to further developing support plans for green technologies because “there is a gap in […]

Small businesses to get access to low-interest asset-backed loans funded by the State

The government’s new bank is funnelling hundreds of millions into asset-backed loans. The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI), which was set up last year to provide low-cost loans to small businesses, has selected asset-backed finance for its next round […]

Good vibrations: Irish SMEs have a positive outlook for 2016 – but challenges remain

Ireland’s small business owners have reported their most positive outlook since the start of the recession, but are still hampered by lack of access to credit and red tape. Irish business owners are positive about the outlook for their businesses […]

Taking out cover for the unthinkable

Investing in your child can also mean ensuring they are looked after if you die. Besides budgeting for essential things like childcare and day-to-day school costs and maybe a bigger car, many parents willingly spend hundreds – if not thousands […]

Irish have no spare cash to put into savings

One in three Irish adults are unable to save because they have no spare cash. And many of those who are saving feel they are not putting enough money aside, according to the Nationwide UK (Ireland) Savings Index.

Q&A: Can I still claim relief on rental property?

No new investment after July 2008 qualifies for relief under Countrywide Refurbishment scheme. Having inherited a house in very poor condition I had it refurbished and rented it out, claiming tax relief under the Countrywide Refurbishment Scheme. The relief is […]

Home insurance policies could be next for a hike this year

There is every likelihood that homeowners will be hit with higher premiums for home insurance this year. The insurers have their excuse in the form of higher costs for rebuilding a property in the event of a fire or some […]

Using life insurance to beat inheritance tax

If you stand to inherit property or assets from parents but are worried about getting caught in the current inheritance tax ‘trap’, a life insurance policy might be an effective way to avoid paying the full whack. Over the last […]

AIB blasts Citibank in $500m case linked to rogue trader

Allied Irish Banks has lashed out at Citibank’s latest efforts to derail a $500m (€458m) lawsuit launched over a decade ago after rogue trader John Rusnak racked up $691m of losses at former AIB subsidiary Allfirst. AIB claims that Citibank […]

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