ECB stimulus moves target investors

The European Central Bank’s pending stimulus measures for the eurozone economy are expected to see international investors lump on European stocks this year. According to the latest international fund manager survey, from Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, investors still have a […]

Inflation hopes dim despite ECB plans

Days before the European Central Bank is expected to deploy its ultimate monetary easing weapon, financial markets are showing no sign of confidence that it will push inflation anywhere near target in the next decade. The ECB is expected to […]

Euro on the ropes and facing a major fight

Markets were caught completely off guard last week by the surprise decision of the Swiss Central Bank (SNB) to abandon its currency cap of CHF1.20 against the euro. It is widely seen as a pre-emptive move by the SNB ahead […]

Calls to replace troika with EU body

The three-pronged team of inspectors that presided over the bailouts of euro-area countries, including Greece and Ireland, should be scrapped and replaced with a European Union-based body, EU Economic Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said yesterday. The ‘troika’, comprising officials from the […]

Record year for investment in Irish commercial property

Investment in Irish commercial property reached a record high in 2014, with some €4.5 billion invested. This represents a 25 per cent increase on the previous peak of €3.6 billion reached in 2006. Investors rushed to avail of the capital […]

Fears for mortgage holders’ lack of protection

The level of protection that will be provided to mortgage holders whose loans have been transferred to unregulated “vulture funds” has been called into question amid fears that the incorrect body may be regulated. The concerns raised by Fianna Fáil […]

Richest 1% ‘set to own more than the rest by 2016’

Oxfam is calling on the Taoiseach to help drive discussion about tackling global inequality. The call comes as new figures from the international agency reveal that the richest 1% of the world will own more than all of the rest […]

We must rely less on turgid eurozone

As the Dáil returns to business this week, the Government is moving very much into election mode. It has committed to creating 40,000 jobs this year and bringing the unemployment rate back to single digits. Furthermore, it has committed to […]

Exports set to rise 7% in 2015

Irish exporters are set to see increased competition this year, but overall growth is still expected to amount to around 7%. “It will be difficult to increase and actually maintain market share in an ever-more competitive environment, even with the […]

Last year ‘was strongest for job creation since 2008’

December saw a 49% year-on-year rise in the number of professional jobs being made available, bringing to a close the strongest year of job creation since 2008. The latest Irish Employment Monitor, from recruitment giant Morgan McKinley, shows the life […]

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