Microsoft ‘saved €127m a year in tax by booking sales through Ireland’

Microsoft has become the latest US multinational to have its tax affairs put under the spotlight, as it reportedly managed to avoid £100m (€127m) a year by booking sales through Ireland.

Insurance hikes on cards as compo payouts to soar

The first update to guidelines on personal-injury awards in more than a decade is to recommend higher, not lower, payouts.

It’s 2021: Post Brexit Ireland looks like a very different place

Next week marks the fifth anniversary of an event that has already proved to be an inflection point not only in the history of these islands, but in that of our entire continent.

New €60m fund looking to invest in early stage companies from Irish colleges

A new €60m fund, established by one of Europe’s top performing tech funds, will look to invest in early stage companies with global potential that are built from research at all of Ireland’s third-level institutions.

Brexit will force us to take a stand

The Irish Government needs to be clear and bloody minded on this – if Britain votes to leave the EU, we’ll back their continued access to the single market to the hilt.

Blanchardstown Centre bought by private equity giant Blackstone

Blackstone has completed a deal to take over the Blanchardstown Centre in one of the biggest property deals in the history of the state.

Dealz to open 20 new shops in Ireland but profits plunge at parent Poundland

Discount retailer and owner of Dealz is to open 20 new stores in Ireland in the coming year.

Brexit already hitting house prices, pound could plunge – stark new warning from BofE

The Bank of England has warned it is “increasingly probable” that Brexit could send the pound plunging.

Google expands in Ireland, opens new €150m data centre

Google has opened a new €150m data centre in west Dublin bringing its total investment in capital assets in Ireland to over €750m.

Irish banks have contingency in place ahead of Brexit vote, says Central Bank

Banks here are ready for a Brexit, the deputy governor of the Central Bank said.

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