Opportunities, dangers and trends in 2015

Yogi Berra famously quipped that ‘it’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future’, but here are four themes which could be important for Irish business in the coming 12 months. The first is the relationship between the euro and […]

Euro hits a nearly nine-year low versus the dollar

The euro slumped to a nine-year low as investors bet that the prospect of inflation across the region turning negative and mounting political uncertainty in Greece will force the European Central Bank to unleash quantitative easing. European shares were volatile, […]

Economy sees 3.5pc rise in GDP but pace of growth easing

THE economy grew by 3.5pc between July and September compared to the same time last year, signalling the pace of growth may be easing, official data shows. And compared to the second quarter, the economy virtually stagnated, with gross domestic […]

US group opposed to EU tax harmonisation plans to meet in Dublin

A US group, which is lobbying against efforts by the European Union to harmonise taxes on company profits, is hosting a seminar in Dublin today. The organisation called Americans for Tax Reform argues that the ability of countries such as […]

Top 10% income earners fared best in Budget 2015

The Economic and Social Research Institute has said the top 10% of income earners gained the most from Budget 2015, while the biggest losers were the poorest 10%. However, when the effects of all the Budgets since 2008 are put […]

Irish Internet economy worth E21bn by 20

Ireland’s Internet economy is predicted to grow in value to E20bn by 2020 but Irish firms risk being left behind and becoming globally irrelevant unless they innovate now. That’s according to global technology consultancy, BearingPoint, who said that Irish people […]

Pressure on ECB to buy sovereign bonds

Banks are not expected to take up all the long-term European Central Bank loans offered on Thursday, increasing pressure on the ECB to begin buying sovereign bonds to hit a self-imposed stimulus target. The ECB is offering banks the cheap, […]

European IPOs reach levels last recorded in 2007

Close to €50 billion has been raised on European equity markets this year, easily surpassing the combined total secured in the whole of 2012 and 2013, according to figures compiled by PwC. In October and November, 55 companies raised €8.5 […]

First time buyers less likely to fall behind on mortgage payments – research

New research from economists based in the Central Bank shows that first-time buyers have lower default rates than other participants in the housing market. The research appears to bolster the case for the Central Bank easing off on plans to […]

UK ‘Google tax’ will target ‘Double-Irish’ inter-company payments

A new British tax on companies that shift profits out of the country and into tax havens will target inter-company fees for services like use of intellectual property, according to a Treasury document seen by Reuters. Companies will also be […]

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