Govt sought advice on property market from Nama

Finance Minister Michael Noonan sought advice from Nama on how to control supply and demand in the property market, according to just-released minutes of Nama board meetings. In a highly unusual move, the minister effectively asked Nama to suggest solutions […]

Greece ‘won’t make €1.6bn June repayment’

Greece cannot make debt repayments to the IMF next month unless it achieves a deal with creditors, its interior minister said yesterday, the most explicit remarks yet from Athens about the likelihood of default if talks fail. Shut out of […]

Mortgage rules ‘put ownership of homes beyond reach of many’

The Central Bank’s new restrictions on mortgage lending will stop many people from ever buying a home and trap thousands into paying unaffordable rents, it has been claimed. Mortgage Brain Ireland, which supplies systems to mortgage brokers, agents, and banks, […]

Greek optimism on deal not justified, says Wolfgang Schauble

German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble said yesterday the Greek government’s optimism about clinching a cash-for-reforms deal with its lenders within days was not backed up by negotiations and he could not rule out Greece becoming insolvent. Greek prime minister Alexis […]

Large fall Irish in jobless rate may stall, experts warn

Unemployment may slip below 8% just ahead of the next general election, but the dramatic improvement is likely to stall because the huge numbers on Government activation programmes will likely keep the jobless rate at an elevated level, experts have […]

Mortgage moves contradict Irish Central Bank policy

Government intervention on standard variable-rate mortgages is a middle-class plea bargain that contradicts Central Bank policy on curtailing credit, a leading analyst has claimed. Lowering standard variable rates will inevitably add further credit to the system by reducing the stress […]

Total Produce raises guidance

Total Produce has increased its full-year earnings guidance on the back of a good start to the year. The Dublin-based international fruit distributor yesterday said it is now aiming for full-year adjusted earnings per share around the upper half of […]

Central Bank rules ‘will stem bubble’

The number of mortgage loans drawn down by home buyers has rebounded to their highest level for seven years, but new Central Bank restrictions on lending will likely stem any new credit-fuelled house price boom, analysts predict. New figures from […]

British EU exit wouldn’t ‘make a difference’

One of the titans of British industry has dismissed fears over the UK’s possible EU exit with its chief executive describing claims of potential jobs losses as scaremongering. JCB chief Graeme MacDonald said a British exit would not make “one […]

Slowdown in US economy puts pressure on dollar

The marked strengthening of the dollar, evident over the second half of 2014, continued in the early part of 2015, writes Oliver Mangan. The US currency gained around 13% against the euro and 6.5% versus sterling between the end of […]

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