News to create 50 new jobs over next year, the online insurance broker, has announced plans to create 50 new jobs over the next 12 months in Terenure.

Campaign wants 20,000 to switch mortgages

A massive campaign to get 20,000 variable-rate mortgage holders to switch to another provider is to be launched.

Electronic payment move by tradesmen to hit tax dodgers

TRADESMEN are attempting to flush out tax dodging by launching a new cashless online payments system.

Euro drops further against dollar amid ECB and Fed moves

The euro fell to an eight-month low yesterday against the dollar amid the prospect that the European Central Bank (ECB) will announce further stimulus measures later this week to boost the Eurozone economy.

Electric Ireland cuts gas prices

Electric Ireland said it would cut standard gas unit prices for residential customers and SMEs by 2.5pc from January 1st.

Do I have to put the whole family on one health plan or is there a cheaper option?

My wife has had hip problems since giving birth to our twins a few years ago. We’ve all been on quite an expensive private health insurance plan since – to ensure that my wife has the right cover for hip […]

One in four small firms stuck in offline mode for Cyber Monday sales period

One in four Irish small businesses has no website or any form of digital presence, new research shows. And ‘micro-businesses’ with under five employees are ignoring the web, with 42pc saying they don’t have a website.

New €20 note in circulation today

A new version of the €20 note will begin circulating today.

Six things you need to know about paying your property tax for 2016

Homeowners who can’t afford to pay their property tax as a once-off lump sum anymore have three days to the tell the Tax Man that they want to pay it another way.

Property tax increases postponed until 2019

Property tax will not rise before 2019 after the Cabinet signed off on legislation that will allow valuations made in 2013 to stand for three more years.

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