European Commission insists Europe tax plan is fair

Revised plans to make sure companies operating in the EU pay tax in some jurisdiction in the union got a mixed reception after the European Commission outlined the details. While the commission insists the plans would not interfere with each […]

Central Bank warning on costs of SME loans

The Central Bank has issued its rosiest outlooks on the economy since the end of crisis, but warned that the cost of credit for small and medium businesses is rising, rather than falling as seen elsewhere in Europe. Criticised for […]

Economic rising tide could leave us high and dry

Exports, a key artery in the heart of the economy, are booming. Data in April showed a 30% rise year-on-year, while the export of goods are up 20% year to date. Ireland, in a global context, is a somewhat unusual […]

Interest remains in Irish assets

Recent research from Morgan Stanley suggested an all-time low for exploration-related M&A activity in the first quarter of 2015. But despite slow movement in oil sector consolidation and investment, confidence remains that global players haven’t given up on the Irish […]

Small, fast-growing firms to create jobs, says Bruton

The Government has denied that Dublin grabs the biggest share of the huge amounts of foreign direct investment flowing into Ireland at the expense of the rest of the country. Jobs Minister Richard Bruton told reporters that Ireland’s regions play […]

April exports surge to record

Exports surged to a record high in April as the economic recovery continues to be led by demand out of the UK and US, official figures have shown. Economists have said that the slump in the value of the euro […]

FDI flows driving recovery ‘can’t be taken for granted’

Ireland is attracting huge amounts of inward foreign investment, but the country can not take for granted that the flows that helped drive the economy out of crisis will be repeated, a leading economist has warned. Davy Stockbrokers chief economist […]

Inflation falls, but fuel costs may rise

Official inflation figures published yesterday show that prices of goods in the economy continued to fall, but there were signs that the dampening effect of the collapse in oil prices is coming to an end. The CSO consumer price figures […]

Our inheritance tax regime one of toughest in the world

Ireland has one of the most severe inheritance tax regimes in the western world, according to key US economic think tank. The rate that the tax is imposed at is the seventh highest in the countries that are members of […]

Insurance, rent and water charges hit homes – but overall prices drop

THE cost of insurance and rents rose last month, with the introduction of water charges hitting costs household costs. But despite the sharp increases in these costs for households overall prices were muted in May. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) […]

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