Cost of running family home drops €220 in the past year

Lower mortgage rates have pushed down the cost of owning and running a family home. It now sets a family back €16,200 to fund the day-to-day running of a home, according to calculations by AA Ireland.

Bank of Ireland caves in to public pressure waters down cash limit rules

Bank of Ireland has caved in to public pressure following a public outcry over its plans to heavily restrict cash transactions in its branches.

Irish economic growth set to be three times the EU average

Ireland will be the EU’s fastest-growing economy this year and next, the European Commission has predicted.

AIB gets EU approval to start repaying bailout to the State

Allied Irish Banks (AIB) has announced that it has received regulatory approval from the EU for plans to start repaying part of its €21bn taxpayer bailout.

Can you make cents of the new coins situation?

Q: I have read recently that one cent and two cent coins will be gone from October 28. Do I have to change all my shelf prices?

Bank announces €50m loans drive for small business

The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) has announced a €50m equipment, machinery and vehicle finance programme through specialist SME lender Finance Ireland.

How can we boost tourism in our local area by focusing on our food offering?

Q: With the food experience you have gained during your ownership of Superquinn, could you give any advice on how we could develop a food tourism strategy for our area?

Know what your pension is invested in – or risk losing it all

The recent stock market crash in China – which knocked billions off the value of pension funds across the world – showed just how important it is to know exactly what your pension is invested in. Had you a pension […]

Take control of your retirement

From tracking down any old pensions to applying for the State pension to getting your pension lump sum, the run up to – and week of – your retirement can be a hectic time. So it’s a good idea to […]

Irish workers still reliant on State pension scheme

Irish people are over-reliant on the State pension and as a result are putting huge pressure on the entire pension system, a new report has found.

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