Quantitative easing not working, says Blackrock Investment Institute boss

Central bank bond-buying programmes aren’t working, BlackRock’s Peter Fisher has claimed. Quantitative easing is supposed to push investors into riskier assets, Mr Fisher, senior director of the BlackRock Investment Institute and a former under secretary of the US Treasury and […]

Employment figures put economy on firm footing

Labour market figures published by the CSO last week for the final quarter of 2014 contained further good news on the Irish economy, writes Oliver Mangan. The data show the recovery in the economy is continuing to generate solid job […]

Eurozone consumer price slump eases back in February

The fall in oil prices helped keep Eurozone inflation down in negative territory last month, but prices fell at a slower pace than at the start of the year. Consumer prices in the 19-member bloc fell by 0.3pc in February, […]

Manufacturing in Ireland expands at 15-year record

Ireland’s manufacturing sector expanded at its fastest pace in 15 years last month, far outstripping the major European economies. Output and new orders rose at faster rates than at the start of the year, when it seemed like the pace […]

MEPs ditch capital buffer rules for money market funds

Europe’s money market funds will not have to hold costly capital to shield them from financial shocks following a vote by MEPs to soften proposed new rules for the trillion-euro industry. The new regulations are designed to ensure stability in […]

Recovery in eurozone continuing

Economic sentiment in the eurozone rose to a seven-month high and German unemployment dropped, keeping the region on a recovery path as the ECB prepares to unleash its quantitative-easing programme. An index of executive and consumer confidence climbed to 102.1 […]

720 days of mortgage arrears totalling €8bn

The percentage of mortgages in long-term arrears is on the increase with more than €8bn of total arrears falling into this category, new data shows. Despite the overall decline in the volume of primary-dwelling home arrears, there has been an […]

Mortgage rules ‘will not affect prices’

The Central Bank’s new deposit and loan-to-income rules will not affect house prices or supply when demand is based on fundamentals, but they will have a significant impact on speculative demand, according to Central Bank economist Lars Frisell. “If the […]

Pressure on Ireland to lower deficit will continue

Pressure on Ireland to cut its deficit and debt will continue despite the country hitting its targets as prescribed by the European Commission. There is some controversy over France getting an extra two years to meet its 3% deficit target […]

Future bright for Irish corporates

Corporate Ireland is on the march. With strong financial performances attained during 2014 companies have the resources and appetite to expand their operations globally. Corporate Ireland is on the march. With strong financial performances attained during 2014, and equipped with […]

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