ECB steps up buying government bonds

Eurozone government bonds with longer maturities surged yesterday as the region’s central banks bought sovereign debt for a second day, pushing yields closer to those on shorter-dated notes. Euro-system central banks were said to have purchased securities, including German five-year […]

Consumer sentiment weakens in February – KBC/ESRI

There was a slight weakening in consumer sentiment in February, according to the latest consumer sentiment index from KBC Bank Ireland and the ESRI. The index hit a nine year high in January so a decline from those levels was […]

Irish yields at record low as QE begins

Irish borrowing costs on the bond markets fell to fresh lows yesterday as the European Central Bank (ECB) began to implement quantitative easing. With its first purchase of government bonds under its enhanced stimulus plan, the ECB showed its willing […]

Tentative signs of life in eurozone economy

The latest eurozone GDP data show that the economy expanded by 0.3% in the fourth quarter of 2014. For the full year 2014, the eurozone economy grew by a very modest 0.9%. However, this did represent an improvement compared to […]

European banks’ profitability gap shows big cost cuts needed – study

Europe’s banks need to cut costs by a fifth and simultaneously grow revenues by 15pc just to get their profitability to match their cost of capital, a study by professional services firm EY said. European banks’ return on equity (RoE), […]

Central Bank gets the blame as construction growth decreases

The Central Bank’s new mortgage deposit rules have been blamed for contributing to a sharp fall in the growth of construction, with house building stagnating, a survey shows. But the slowdown has spread into commercial and civil engineering as well. […]

Our split-personality mindset has paved the way for Irish economic problems

In urban Ireland, while evidence of poverty is there for all to see, there are also plenty of signs of economic recovery. However, Eoin O’Leary of the School of Economics in University College Cork remains to be impressed. Ireland is […]

Ireland ‘top global destination’ for US investment

Ireland has become the top destination for US multinational investment and the economic bond between the countries is only likely to intensify, according to a leading Wall Street economist. In a report on the economic relationship between Ireland and the […]

ECB to start quantitative easing as it raises growth forecast

The European Central Bank will launch into quantitative easing next week having increased its economic growth forecasts for this year and next. President Mario Draghi said the first bond purchases with new money would take place on March 9. The […]

JIM POWER: Evidence of recovery is compelling

There are still many out there who either refuse to admit that a compelling recovery is under way in the economy or simply do not believe it. The fact is that the evidence is there for all to see and […]

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