UK shares lead European stock gains following Scotland snub to independence

Britain’s blue-chip FTSE 100 index rose by 0.7 percent, with Scottish-based stocks such as Royal Bank of Scotland and utility SSE among the top-performers, rising by 3.2-3.3 percent respectively. The FTSE, which had underperformed going into the Scottish vote this […]

Europe the continent with the most billionaires – report

More billionaires – 775 in total – live in Europe than on any other continent in the world, with North America the second most popular continent with 609. Most of Europe’s billionaires – 130 – live in the UK, followed […]

Government ‘could create 90,000 jobs’ in green economy

A report from the Irish Corporate Leaders on Climate Change says opportunities exist in wind energy, buildings, electrification, smart grid, green financing and agriculture, but that goverment leadership is needed. It says a reluctance to tackle the issue is based […]

Urgent talks as NAMA loses one in 10 staff this year

Since the start of this year 37 staff members have left the agency, which has a total workforce of 370, chief executive Brendan McDonagh said yesterday. He declined to comment on whether he has been approached by private sector employers […]

Sweeping inquiry will probe more than 20 years of banking

The long-awaited €5m Oireachtas Banking Inquiry is to investigate the controversial bank guarantee, the troika bailout and the decision to liquidate the IBRC, the former Anglo Irish Bank, the Irish Independent can reveal. The committee is set to adopt the […]

Thousands of tech jobs at risk over tax loophole threat

A major report was ordered by world leaders amid growing concern about international schemes to avoid tax. It throws the spotlight firmly on Ireland, where about 150,000 people are employed by multinationals, many of them leading technology or finance firms. […]

AIB, BoI in better shape but lending down – Standard & Poors

The rating agency revised upwards its assessment of the liquidity positions of both banks. AIB, led by David Duffy, and Richie Boucher’s Bank of Ireland are regarded as having “adequate” liquidity and “average” ability to finance themselves on the markets, […]

Lone Star picks up Irish banking licence with latest loan deal

South Africa’s Investec sold £540m (€677m) of Irish mortgages to the private equity firm, it said yesterday. The Irish business being acquired suffered a loss of £21m last year. The sale is certain to have been at a significant discount […]

OECD takes aim at Irish tax loopholes in new report

The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development specifically criticises measures such as the so-called ‘Double Irish’ which allows technology companies to avoid taxes by shifting taxes from operations here to tax havens such as Bermuda. The tech companies avoid […]

Revealed: cut to top rate of tax on table in Budget

But the average family is only expected to benefit to the tune of €300 a year from the modest tax cuts in Budget 2015. The tax relief will be targeted to give the greatest benefit to those on middle incomes. […]

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