Second-home tax disputes ‘headed for court’

The new penalties kick in today for people who did not pay arrears of the €200 per year flat-rate tax, which ran from 2009 to 2013, before being replaced by local property tax based on value. A partial amnesty which […]

Insolvencies fall in worst-hit areas of the economy

The number of new businesses being launched is up sharply across all sectors. There were 983 new companies formed in August – up 8.4pc on the same period last year. It breaks down as 38 start-ups launched every day last […]

Bank’s Christmas bonus for paying your mortgage

The Belgian-owned bank is offering to repay customers the interest they pay on their mortgage in December, up to a maximum of €2,000. A letter setting out the terms of the offer has been sent to customers by the bank’s […]

Yes, we’ve turned a corner but tough road lies ahead

Beyond the glimmers of hope that occasionally emanated from the headline data, it was clear that there was a consistent narrative – the domestic economy was stuck in reverse while the export-oriented multinational sector performed resiliently, a function of the […]

Public servants to be paid by end of day after Bank of Ireland glitch

The issue had a knock-on affect on payments to AIB, Ulster Bank and Permanent TSB accounts although it is not yet known how many people were affected in total, according to Bank of Ireland although it did say that most […]

Burton axes Budget tax bonus for families

Her predecessor, Eamon Gilmore, put a child tax credit on the table as a key Budget demand from the junior coalition partners to ease the burden for hard-pressed taxpayers. Mr Gilmore hoped it would win favour with families across the […]

Thinking through how to run companies

Limited-liability, privately owned joint-stock companies are the core institutions of modern capitalism. These entities are largely responsible for organising the production and distribution of goods and services across the globe. Their role is both cause and consequence of the revolution […]

Banks’ mass asset sell-off could finally break Europe’s lending freeze

A wave of deals could be a boon to the region’s economy if the banks use it to free up capital to increase new lending. Banks across Europe have shunted more businesses, bad loans and spoiled investments into units to […]

London property boom at fever pitch

Londoners have long abandoned the notion that talking house prices is trashy and – with the property market seemingly at bursting point – even the smartest of people are gripped by land fever. Property in the capital caught fire in […]

Bond yields fall on expectations of ECB move

Irish bond yields fell to fresh lows yesterday as global markets rallied on expectations that the European Central Bank had moved a step closer to making billions of euro in asset purchases to jump-start the region’s spluttering economy. The yield […]

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