Professional yes, but property Reits are no ‘get rich quick’ scheme

The establishment of Real Estate Investment Trusts (Reits) is seen as a way of achieving two important things – allowing ordinary Irish investors to get a slice of the action through regulated, professional property companies and also reducing the sector’s […]

Howlin ‘hopes’ Ireland’s boom and bust cycle is over

The comments come days after Finance Minister Michael Noonan said Ireland needs a different economic model as the recovery begins to broaden, focused more on steady growth akin to the Nordic and Northern European models. Ahead of a Cabinet meeting […]

Brendan Keenan: Asking if there is a property bubble is the wrong question

To paraphrase Zhou Enlai, it may be too early to say. But the Irish economic question is exhibiting the same symptoms. Just as we seemed to successfully negotiate the Crash, the question changed. Or rather, an old question re-appeared. Is […]

Thousands in line for Standard Life payout

The payment is worth close to €1,000 each for an estimated 60,000 Irish shareholders. These people ended up with shares in the Edinburgh-headquartered company when it de-mutualised, and floated on the London Stock Market in 2006. Now the insurer has […]

Kenny praises ‘patriotism’ as Guaranteed Irish hits 30

Speaking at a celebratory lunch in Dublin yesterday, Mr Kenny said: “I’m sure there are many here who will remember as clearly as I do when this concept started out some years ago. “It made us sit up and take […]

Pressure on employers as job vacancies rise in August

Compared to July, 4pc more jobs were available in August. In some sectors firms are struggling to fill jobs because of the gap between salaries on offer and the pay expectations of some in-demand specialists – that gap is especially […]

IBEC: ‘Slash taxes to lure emigrants home to work’

Its 2014 Consumer Monitor, while portraying an economy firmly in recovery mode, said the flood of 20 to 35-year-olds risks bringing progress to a grinding halt. And the Government can afford income tax cuts of €300m in the upcoming budget. […]

Bank stress tests set to be delayed until late October

The European Central Bank (ECB) is looking at how 130 of the eurozone’s largest banks value their assets. Those banks will also undergo EU-wide tests on whether they have enough capital to weather future crises. The ECB had informally pencilled […]

Low ECB rates set to last for rest of decade

The ECB surprised markets last week with its decision to ease monetary policy again. Rates were last cut in June and there were strong hints at that time that it would not be lowered any further. However, the weakness of […]

Tax credit for ad industry urged after slump post 2007

Advertising agency Core Media, in conjunction with the Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI), has been pushing the Department of Finance to include a 25pc tax credit for incremental advertising in the upcoming Budget in an effort to return the […]

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