EU should hand back tax payments it would receive on Irish imports if there’s a ‘no deal’ Brexit – warning

The EU should hand back tax payments it would receive on Irish imports from the UK if there’s a no deal Brexit, a leading accountants’ group has warned.

More than half of Irish SMEs have yet to plan for Brexit – survey

With just 46 days left until the UK is due to leave the EU, a new survey in Ireland has found that more than half of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have yet to begin Brexit planning.

Live register numbers hit almost 11 year low – the lowest level since April 2008

The number of people on the live register decreased 1.6pc in January to 200,300.

Ireland’s growth forecast cut as ‘economic outlook remains clouded by uncertainty’

The European Commission has revised downwards its GDP forecast for Ireland as our “economic outlook remains clouded by uncertainty”.

Sought-after professionals in line to pick up pay rises of 20pc due to ‘Brexit boost’

Sought-after professionals will pick up pay rises of up to 20pc this year as employers predict a “Brexit boost”.

Financial system can withstand a hard Brexit – Central Bank

The Central Bank has been able to provide assurances that the financial system as a whole was resilient enough to withstand a hard Brexit and that the most material ‘cliff-edge’ financial stability risks arising from Brexit “have been largely mitigated”.

One third of Irish who have worked in UK entitled to tax rebate – but may not know it

Large numbers of people who have worked in Britain are entitled to a tax refund, but many are unaware of it.

‘Banks dropped SMEs for safer bets’ – CapitalFlow

A new survey claims that most Irish broadband users are “not satisfied” with their broadband.

New ‘Irish FBI for white-collar crime’ to have broad search powers

The State’s proposed new white-collar crime agency, the Corporate Enforcement Authority, will have beefed-up powers of search and entry, allowing it to access an investigated company’s digital records “wherever they are held”.

State loses €21.4bn each year through ‘tax expenditures’

The State loses approximately €21.4 billion in revenue each year in what are known as “tax expenditures”.

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