No-deal Brexit to increase cost of importing cars from UK – Revenue

A no-deal Brexit would significantly impact and change the economics of bringing a car from the UK into Ireland.

Ombudsman Report – underpayment of credit card debt

Pavel acquired a credit card in 1998 and made the necessary repayments on the card every month until October 2012, when he accidentally underpaid the amount by €19.

How scheme will work for those at risk of losing home

A new option has been offered for those in deep arrears. Anyone considering the scheme would be wise to get independent financial advice. Here is how it works:

IDA chief: Brexit can help lure investment from UK

Brexit presents an opportunity for Ireland to win foreign direct investment (FDI) that would otherwise have gone to the UK, according to IDA boss Martin Shanahan.

Applicants for court-approved debt deals fall

There has been a fall in the number of people applying for court-approved debt deals.

Sterling reaches 2-month high

Sterling jumped to a 2-month high against the euro after strong employment data suggested Britain’s labour market remained robust despite an economic slowdown ahead of Brexit.

Buyer beware: How bargains being offered by supermarkets are often bad for your health

More than a third of products on special offer in Irish supermarkets are high in fat, sugar or salt, according to new research.

Car loans top list as huge numbers of consumers plan to borrow from their credit union

Huge numbers of people say they plan to borrow from their credit union this year, is what is set to be a major boost for the lenders.

Fresh battle plan to lure UK tourists after Brexit

Tourism Ireland is set to unveil a new strategy to lure holidaymakers from the UK as it risks crashing out of the European Union with no deal and putting its economy in peril.

Don’t get left out in the cold: switching energy supplier could save you €260 a year

SWITCHING energy supplier is extremely quick and easy and it can all be done online in the space of a few minutes. There’s no need for any messy paperwork or to give 30 days’ notice to your current provider before […]

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