Buyer beware: How bargains being offered by supermarkets are often bad for your health

More than a third of products on special offer in Irish supermarkets are high in fat, sugar or salt, according to new research.

Car loans top list as huge numbers of consumers plan to borrow from their credit union

Huge numbers of people say they plan to borrow from their credit union this year, is what is set to be a major boost for the lenders.

Fresh battle plan to lure UK tourists after Brexit

Tourism Ireland is set to unveil a new strategy to lure holidaymakers from the UK as it risks crashing out of the European Union with no deal and putting its economy in peril.

Don’t get left out in the cold: switching energy supplier could save you €260 a year

SWITCHING energy supplier is extremely quick and easy and it can all be done online in the space of a few minutes. There’s no need for any messy paperwork or to give 30 days’ notice to your current provider before […]

Sterling gains following May’s Brexit ‘Plan B’ statement

Sterling gained ground following British prime minister Theresa May’s comments that she would seek further concessions from the EU on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

‘Brexit anoraks say one thing, but the market says something else’

The political anoraks say one thing. Investors say another. That is how things are shaping up after a tumultuous week in British politics as Theresa May’s Brexit plan was shot down in flames.

ECB rate hike to be delayed as recession risks rise again – poll

The European Central Bank is expected to wait until the fourth quarter to raise its deposit rate, later than thought just a month ago, according to economists in a Reuters poll.

Check stamp of approval when investing or borrowing money

Dealing with an unregulated firm or product could leave you with nowhere to turn to if things go wrong.

PayPal offers Irish customers new way to share bills or fundraise together

PayPal Holdings, the global online payments company, is extending Money Pools – its online community savings product – to Irish consumers.

Some insurance products ‘may no longer be available to Irish consumers in no-deal Brexit’ – Central Bank

Some insurance products may no longer be available to Irish consumers if there is a no-deal Brexit, the Central Bank has warned.

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