Paydays pay off for wages firm as it goes international

Sean Gallagher meets small and medium-sized business owners and shares the lessons they’ve learnt in building their companies.

Half of Irish SMEs say they’ve felt no fallout from Brexit, so far

About half of small businesses have so far experienced no impact from the Brexit vote, a Government-backed survey has found.

Rises in motor insurance premiums could be coming to an end

Hopes that the rises in motor insurance premiums could be coming to an end have been sparked.

It doesn’t add up: 20,000 first-time buyers chase 10,000 new homes

Twenty-thousand first-time buyers are now set to chase half as many new homes, which will drive property prices sharply upwards for the rest of this year.

Healthy savings

If you have private health insurance, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to renew your policy this month, but why not switch instead and save hundreds, if not thousands?

Almost 70pc of Irish workers believe SMEs and start-ups offer best office culture

Almost 70pc of Irish workers would like to work in a small to medium-size enterprise (SME) or a startup, research has found – with respondents believing that startups and SMEs offer the best office culture.

Irish firm buys US international payroll company and announces 150 new jobs

Immedis, a specialist division of the Terry Clune owned Taxback Group, has today announced the acquisition of US international payroll company Expaticore.

Fees fall to €120m on Irish financial deals so far in 2017

Investment banking fees paid so far this year in relation to deals that involved Irish entities have hit $131.2m (€120.4m), according to figures compiled for the Irish Independent by Thomson Reuters.

Firms need to embrace technology to ensure robust anti-money laundering procedures

Late last year we predicted in these pages that the fine imposed of €98,000 on Bray Credit Union by the Central Bank for failures in its anti-money laundering (AML) procedures would be “the thin end of a very large wedge […]

EU urged to halt corporate tax plan until impact studied

The EU’s plan for the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) should be suspended until a country-by-country analysis of its likely impact is undertaken by the European Commission – according to Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes.

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