Strong jobs growth is reason for cautious optimism

When a recovery begins, and as consumers loosen their personal purse strings, companies tend to have existing employees work extra hours and overtime rather than taking on new people. That is because the cost invested in the hiring and training […]

SBCI announce new €70m funding package for Irish SMEs

A new €70m funding package that will allow small Irish businesses to borrow specialist equipment and vehicles at a lower cost has been announced.

The Collisons have become Ireland’s youngest billionaires

John and Patrick Collison, the Limerick brothers that set up micro-payments firm Stripe, have become Ireland’s youngest billionaires after their latest funding round, which raised $150m at a $9bn valuation. 

Revenue hires to delve into multinationals

Experts in complex international tax avoidance schemes are to be recruited by the Revenue Commissioners to inspect the books of big multinationals based here.

Cyber Monday offers €53m boost to embattled retailers

Cyber Monday – the busiest online sales day of the year – is predicted to boost Irish retailers’ coffers to the tune of €53m.

How to shield your pension from Brexit and Trump as higher inflation looms nearer

Irish investors in their early 60s who have yet to retire could be among the most vulnerable to Brexit and any uncertainty in financial markets triggered by the election of Donald Trump.

Irish economy to slow on weaker UK forecast

The British government has cut its growth forecast for next year in the wake of the Brexit vote, which could have a small knock-on effect on Ireland’s growth prospects. The UK economy is now expected to grow by 1.4pc next […]

Revealed: The phony tech discounts to be aware of on ‘Black Friday’

Tomorrow is ‘Black Friday’, when big retailers here offer up what are advertised as big savings on tech products. Some of it is very, very iffy. That 40pc saving being quoted on a telly, laptop or camera? Try 10pc. Or 0pc.

All you need to know about the rule change for first-time buyers – and how it’s expected to spark building surge

New buyers will end up with more money; Lane says rules were too complicated. The Central Bank has made a dramatic change to its mortgage lending rules, in a move that is expected to lead to a surge in home building. […]

Irish exporters may relocate operations to UK – Boucher

Irish companies selling into the British market may opt to move some operations to the UK as a result of Brexit, Bank of Ireland chief executive Richie Boucher has said.

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