Number of regular savers drops in January

The proportion of people saving regularly dropped to 50pc in January from 53pc in December.

Voice-activation will change marketing – and our lives

A little bit of Irish radio history was made last week when the country’s commercial radio sector came together with RTÉ to launch a new voice-activated version of the popular Irish Radio

Companies urged to look at steps to reduce the plastics problem

Today, just 2pc of the plastic on the global market is being turned into new packaging.

Love a good bargain

It’s that time of year when love’s young dream needs to ditch the dreaming for a day and dig into the pocket instead to show their other half how much they really mean to them.

When a startup needs to recruit staff, it becomes the candidate

As your startup grows, you’ll need to start hiring. How do you conduct interviews for your startup to help you recruit the best candidates?

Ireland’s first live 5G demo hosted by Vodafone at Dublin’s Trinity College

Ireland’s first successful live demonstration of 5G technology was carried out at an event in Dublin’s Trinity College.

‘House prices to fall here if UK fails to get Brexit deal’

Property prices will fall if Britain leaves the European Union without a trade deal, a new report states.

ESB set to deliver €150m in savings to large businesses

ESB, though its business line Smart Energy Services, is set to deliver €150m in savings on energy costs to over 300 large businesses across Ireland and the UK.

Soaring cost of housing could derail Dublin’s investment potential – Irish billionaire Patrick Collison

Ireland’s most successful technology entrepreneur has warned that soaring housing costs threaten to derail Dublin’s future and its investment potential.

App ‘to give local businesses the chance to compete against big brands’ – for less than the price of a newspaper ad

An app that will give local businesses the chance to compete online with big brands is launching this week.

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