Sinead Ryan: Five ways we’re richer after Budget 2017

WITH the detail of the latest Budget still being examined, personal finance expert Sinead Ryan has a snap reaction on some of the measures that will benefit us financially:

‘Government has ignored Ireland’s 720,000 renters in Budget 2017’ – housing lecturer

The Government has been accused of ‘ignoring’ Ireland’s renters and not properly addressing the property sector, which has suffered from increased prices and soaring rents in the imminent budget.

Budget 2017: Revenue Commissioners to get additional resources following Brexit

THE Office of the Revenue Commissioners is to get additional resources in Budget 2017 in light of the Brexit vote in the UK.

Budget 2017 revealed – Elderly win big in ‘Grey Vote Budget’ as social welfare benefits rise

Older people will make the biggest gains from Budget 2017 as Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Independent Alliance chase the grey vote.

‘20% rise in UK-based workers looking for jobs in Ireland’ since Brexit vote

The number of workers in Britain looking for jobs in Ireland has soared by a fifth since the Brexit referendum result, a major recruitment website has said.

Irish Water is hiring a debt collection agency

Just three months on from the suspension of water charges Irish Water is now looking to hire a debt collection company.

Irish company convicted of ‘blagging’ personal information to help banks’ private investigations

A Galway company has been convicted of ‘blagging’ personal information from the Department of Social Protection to help banks pursue private investigations.

Data privacy chief warns firms over upcoming EU law

Preparations for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation are “well under way”, according to the Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon.

Explainer: Time to head North? Why is the sterling plummeting and what does it mean for the average Irish shopper?

In case you haven’t noticed the sterling is weak right now, really weak. The currency fell to a 31-year low against the dollar this morning.

Outlook for Ireland is ‘relatively favourable but UK faces hit’ – bank

The Central Bank’s top economist has warned the UK economy will take a hit from the Brexit vote, despite it so far proving resilient.

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